Working Product?

Wanted to drop some topics to @peter and the entire Sigmadex team as I am curious on a few things and hoping we can use this platform as a way to discuss.

First, given that we are nearly a year behind the intended TGE, which was supposed to take place around this time last year, but was decided to be postponed until late 2021 due to the crappy market environment. This all made sense at the time, why launch when the market has cooled off and lost momentum. Fast forward to late 2021 when we were supposed to confirm the TGE, the team just kept saying “soon”, “soon”, but no real details have emerged in the last six, nearly seven months now. To this date, we have no clue if the TGE is going to take place tomorrow, next week, or six months from now. With that being said, @peter I am extremely curious to know what the team is actually doing with seed and investor money. What is the money being used for, if it is being used. Can you provide a break down and details on how the funds are handle? This should be fairly easy to be honest.

Second, is there an ACTUAL working product? Given the TGE was supposed to happen a year ago and we were ready and simply delayed due to poor market conditions, Sigmadex must have been ready to launch at that time yes? Or was the team not ready and the timing and excuse of the poor market conditions a blessing for the team to delay the TGE? I am very curious to know what the team has actually built over the last year other than taking the time to make some pretty graphics, update blogs, etc. Is there an actual working product? Other than pics on a slide deck? I am not referring to code in a repository, I am referring to an actual working and live product.

Given the constant run around by the team on the TGE, I think it’s time @peter that you and the team are held accountable and need to start being more active, engaged, etc with the community and investors of what is starting to look like a failed product. I am asking you to prove me wrong. There is no reason why some of the answers cannot be answered if the team is truly working to move Sigmadex forward. Because if you are, then surely you have something to show for at least a year now other than working on an airdrop for AVAX holders.

Thank you for your time, I much look forward to your response and details.

v0-proto was done ages ago and still lives on GitHub at:

There is documentation on how to build it. Anybody can fork it and deploy locally or on testnet.

I believe the disconnect here is that you had an expectation for us to launch at a specific time and we failed to deliver on that. I don’t blame you for your hostility, I can completely understand where you are coming from but I would also appreciate for you to consider why we’ve taken the path we’ve taken. It’s hard to know where we would be now if we forced a launch based on the pressure from a small group of individuals. Looking back at projects that went to market within the past 365 paints a grim portrait of failure. Nearly all of these projects that were subjective to bullying and pressure to launch have now faded into obscurity and facing insolvency.

Originally the team at Sigmadex was extremely optimistic about our growth and value proposition but we soon uncovered large scale sustainability issues with the economics and potential loss of relevancy after launch (and the lack of DEX interest). Having the opportunity to refine our KPIs, our pitch and our value proposition has given us the opportunity to potentially become an outlier in this market (with certain things in alignment). Picking an arbitrary date for launch is not hard, having all the pieces to sustain time is a completely different story.

Sigmadex has always been about long term growth and sustainability. We’ve made the tough decisions to change our trajectory based on market volatility however being proactive has given us the opportunity to adapt to the new market demands, grow our brand and find our place as a niche product with a low barrier of entry that has the capability to grow on a larger scale.

Every decision we have made has been for the greater good of our community and our supporters. I challenge you to try to view things from our point of view, so that perhaps you can recognize that there is no benefit for us to delay our launch for any reason other than ensuring that when we do we’re able to make an impact that sends ripples through the crypto industry for years to come.

Keep in mind the Sigma concept has also evolved substantially since genesis, what we are building right now is completely different from what we initially proposed and has the ability to disrupt the space moving forward similar to how Curve took the DeFi space by storm.


We have an ETA on what you want to have done for the launch @peter ? Also whats the plan for combating the market situation right now?

looks like many are betting on a failure launch based on the state of the market @peter

Lol. Nearly 30 days now and no one from the team can still answer this question with a straight face.

@peter or anyone from the team, in regards to the update below, WHEN can we expect these events to take place? Again, a lot of talk here, but this is all worthless if no one has a clue on when to expect these events to transpire. Are we talking a month, six months, three years? Seriously, why do you guys continue to struggle in putting any kind of timeline together with key dates and sticking to them?

Lastly, the lack of involvement from you and the team on this forum is a total disgrace.