Vesting Schedule Proposal

If Liquidity will be injected at Pre Pub (0.078) pricing structure that means day 1 the token has already appreciated in value significantly. With a low market cap, no sell pressure and an abundance of hype there’s really only one possible result.

Been thinking this through and here are my additional list of thoughts:

Chart won’t look like ass
SDEX could hit big numbers
New money won’t get immedately rugged
We could stay relevant for longer than a month

Early investors can’t dump price on day one (this is only a con for dumpers)
We won’t know immedately where the top is (usually with ido’s its day 1 lol)

On a side note, what are we using for a governance portal post TGE?

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It’s interesting to see a project actually paying attention to the issues that are plaguing token launches lately. Day one: Huge Pump. Day 30: Wasteland. Taking these precautions can potentially upset the Day 1 support/investors. The bad ones anyway. If they don’t agree with how this has been positioned it means that they were only going to dump anyway.

Cap table looks impressive for Sigmadex so I doubt that will be an issue. Best of luck team and glad to hear there are some positive changes

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Only 6.4% of the initial token supply will be released after 365 days?

The value of the token is going to 100x quick much before at that point. I can’t see why after a year the market cap wouldn’t be a 1B or more. This is very encouraging. I’m glad someone is thinking outside of the box.

I just wanted to pipe in that It’s a little terrifying that for the longest time we haven’t even considered to come up with something that satisfies the project the investors, and the community. I think this can be a happy medium for everyone involved and i hope that going forward other projects consider a similar formula as a sustainable model into the future.

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I really like that this promotes a healthy rally to teh m00n - Look at Ape Token - first 24 hours has been an absolute shit show. That’s to be expected with no formal plan and token utility LOL. I think each round has it’s merits for unlock and this is fair for everyone but I do think the unlock is a little slow😤 especially with under 10% within 365 days. I wonder how that can affect everything once the vault unlocks more and more tokens at a more rapid pace??


The model hasnt proven to be perfect yet. It makes sense as its presented but ultimately who knows what will happen.

I do know though that the previous proposed model was very outdated.

Team token allocation unlocks at the same timeframe as the seed and strategic. The team is in this for the long run as well. I respect this adjustment… it has potential and I hope it works out for everyone in the end… i’m looking forward to all of this great functionality

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Leave it to the Sigmadex team to gamify vesting. Do you HODL full term or do you sell every day?? I love that everything to do with this protocol has strategy. Most other projects are playing checkers. but Pete and Co are playing chess. Glad to have been around this past year to see how the project has adapted to the market conditions and theres a great outlook now with these adjustments.

I have high expectations. (no pressure) :wink:

This change is a slap to the face upon first glance I won’t lie.

It may seem that way but look at it from a bigger picture. Do you want another shitcoin investment in your portfolio or do you want to be part of a long term success with even greater upside?

Instant gratification is a toxic thing.

Maybe if you only think about immediate gratification. if you are looking for long term then you should recognise the long last affect this could have on the token value

Not complaining just saying upon first glance it was a shocker. Old economics were a dump-fire no doubt. This method should alleviate any dump concerns.

I can understand why you would feel this way.

At Sigmadex we are taking feedback very seriously.

The reason that we have proposed these changes is because we are finding that more and more projects are having a great first few weeks after launch but are unable to continue with their initial trajectory, lose traction and then eventually the token value falls below the initial launch. Once that happens it’s near impossible to recover.

Since our project has been engineered for longevity it only makes sense that we have features that help promote a healthy ecosystem well into the future. While we are not able to please everyone with this potential change we are hoping that the community recognizes that this is for the betterment of the project and should result in less sell pressure and healthy/sustainable growth.


That’s great. I’ve been thinking about the calculation this weekend and wondering who did it?

Its a very drastic change that should be well thought out before implementation.

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When will we know more about this @Peter, @Donavon. I am interesting how the feedback from the community will affect the future growth and governance of the protocol. Olympus Dao’s governance snapshot portal works great. I hope to see something similar here.

Sigmadex protocol has a lot to owrk with and I think a strong community will make sure we can last for a long time and have actual functionability not just swapping shit

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@jeff.dfv We can add a reward for the diamond hands, its just a matter of selecting what that reward is. We can save that for a new proposal before deploying the contracts.

@qb8 Most likely snapshot

@Rud Hence why we’ve created this post :grinning:

Thanks for follow up, I @Jorge be interested on how we sustain slow and steady growth after 2 years. I bet team has thought of incentives to keep users happy? I see on twitter about loot boxes too. I enjoy free things of value. 10 SDEX won’t make my pants tight. I need something that helps me be successful like fee reduction or extra APY on long steaks. Anyways I think you are on the right path and hope you continue to incorporate new ideas that haven’t implemented in the past. This makes me much excited, yes?

I think this model Is sustainable as long as the growth is realistic as well as expectations. time will tell but the team has their work cut out for them

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