Liquidity Transformer Parameters

Hey guys,

The following is proposed for the liquidity transformer:

  • 30 day transformation process
  • Highest AVAX contribution address will claim the highest value NFT
  • Distribution for others will be based on the delta between the top contribution and a total of the 2,000 NFTs available
  • Contributions that exceed 2,000 will be sent back to the wallet they came from

Some things to consider:

  • Lower or higher time-frame
  • Maximum contribution
  • Maximum amount of NFTs

Thoughts? Risks?


Contribution through stablecoin support?

sending to the transformer we are not receiving any $SDEX tokens right? just the nft?

We thought about this but looking at the state of the market, further downtrend is no more than 25-30% from here (our prediction) so it would be a pretty good time to start re-entering the market.

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Yes that is right.

Just like any NFT collection, the Sigma Genesis NFTs will have its own value independent from SDEX. They will however work together to complete the ecosystem loop.


Fair analysis from a technical standpoint :+1:

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so one basically has one thing the other doesnt have lol

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