Launch Strategy and Dates

Hey guys,

After much consideration we have decided that it’s time to involve the community with a critical decision relating to the future of Sigmadex. Within the past few weeks the market dynamics have changed; however we are optimistic that we can find a happy medium to go to market in a manner that allows for a healthy launch.

We decided on a participation event for SAFT holders to decide on our launch strategy. The weight of each vote is relative to the capital contribution from the SAFT owner. By introducing governance at an early stage we create a level of transparency that will help build trust towards a sustainable future.

We propose the following 3 options to vote on:

A) Fast & Simple Launch
Estimated time frame: 30 days

  • Deploy Sigma Vault for pre-sale contributors
  • 2-3 sSDEX token giveaways
  • 2-3 partnership establishments
  • DEX launch
    • Inject 1m~ liquidity
  • Continue post marketing
  • Launch features as time elapses

Pros: Immediate liquidity; SDEX will be trading
Cons: May not be enough time for launch marketing, SDEX will have limited immediate utility

B) Accelerated Launch
Estimated time frame: 60 days

  • Deploy Sigma Vault for pre-sale contributors
  • AVAX sSDEX claim drop event
  • 3-4 partnership establishments
  • 5 sSDEX token giveaways
  • DEX & CEX launch
    • Inject 1.5m~ liquidity
  • Continue post marketing
  • Launch features as time elapses

Pros: Moderate timeframe to get SDEX trading
Cons: Won’t have all the bells and whistles for launch

C) Strategic Launch
Estimated time frame: 90-120 days

  • Deploy Sigma Vault for pre-sale contributors
  • AVAX sSDEX claim drop event
  • 3 Claim drop partnerships
  • Liquidity capital raise
  • DEX & CEX launch
    • Inject 2m+ liquidity
  • SigmaFi - APY NFT minter contract
    • Design, Code, QA and audit
    • Deploy
  • Deploy Sigma Faucet
    • Bounty program for sSDEX
  • 5-7 partnership establishments
  • Emphasis on Development
  • 24 Hour Time Square Advertisement
  • Coordinate Techcrunch, Mashable, Coindesk, Forbes publishings
  • Coordinate and collaborate with high value influencers to spread SigmaFi education
  • Do another vote for consensus on launch platform based on metrics achieved
  • Continue post marketing
  • Launch features as time elapses

Pros: Very strong and planned launch, APY NFT minter token utility from the get go, multiple partnerships, both DEX and CEX on launch
Cons: Time, development and planning required

How to Vote:
We will use this upcoming week to discuss the potential strategies and then deploy the voting contract with user experience on a sigma subdomain.

Everyone who contributed to SDEX can place their vote by interacting with the voting smart contract. All addresses are whitelisted.



Wish I had a SAFT to vote. I would pick C or maybe B.

Hope you guys are not going to go with a DEX launch

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Does the app have a testnet? and if any, is the testnet still running?

This is a great strategy. Happy to see u switch to governance by your investers

BullPerks claim drop is an interesting way to drum up community. you should also advertises this go to launch strategy with the community

I hope to get in on the AVAX claim drop, will it be possible with soon with option B

In the current market, and uncertainty around ‘pricing’, C is the strategic option. Rushing to conclusion only leads to the impression of being unprepared and not investor focused. There’s no doubt there will be pump and dump, with the distinct possibility of actually opening lower than the last ico list price with advanced sellers looking for a quick buck. If we take our time and be strategic, ALL will benefit, not just a lucky few.


I vote let the team decide! Its their project not ours, and stop taking advise from “community” who know nothing about launching. They are all talk.

Scrap the free giveaways (gleam) as they attract the wrong audience and focus on the important things, ignore the rushing. Everything that rushed to market last year is completely dead now.

You can deploy a local version by cloning this repo:

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Definitely C. I agree with the sentiment of some of the other guys here… . lots of community members is impatient and only want a fast launch and then they will disappear and 4get. we need to be sure of all metrics and launch smart.

I’m somewhere between B and C. I think it’s time to launch and see what happens, but also I want the team to not feel pressure from newbs. A would be retarded, if anyone picked that - I would remove them from the cap table.

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u guys have takin long enough to launch so u should have all In place already. if we wait probably better becoz market is trash but lets see something magical during these shit times

I would be happy with B or C. Lets ensure token utility is at the top of the priority scale and we have sufficient docs in place. The website differs grateful from the latest lightpaper and needs to be addressed. Marketing explaining the staking incentives and value prop is important.

token utility is definitely top priority

but also need best metrics for Launch

Honestly, launching anytime in the next 3-6 months is not smart from a strategic standpoint. I know I’ve been extremely vocal to the team due to the many missed deadlines, vague and worthless updates (blog and TG), but you’d essentially be launching a new token/project in the early stages of the bear market. Time to launch was last year when it was originally planned, but was delayed for whatever reason we’ll never know today.

The entire market has changed drastically over the last week. Many people were wiped out on the LUNA / UST fiasco from Do Kwon. Crypto, especially stablecoins are under a watchful eye with US regulators. There are some serious headwinds blowing that stablecoins may be at serious risk and on the edge of a significant crackdown from US regulators. So many players, hedge funds, VC’s, etc, have all left and likely won’t be back for some time given the incident with LUNA. The damage LUNA and Do Kwon has caused and impacted on the market will be felt for some time. With that being said, the spotlight on crypto is not bright and it will be awhile before “retail” returns. I fully expect to see much lower prices on BTC, ETH, and the entire market.

On top, US markets are already fragile and on the edge of a bear market of their own, if not already. CPI data continues to rise, interest rates continue to rise, everything continues to rise which is costing Americans more money than ever to live. Gas will soon be well over $6+ on national average, housing market is about to pop, which all plays into the current fragile US markets. Add in other factors such as the Russia/Ukraine war, COVID numbers are on the rise, whatever this monkeypox is that’s popping up, and who know’s what else will be heard/seen in the next 2-3 weeks.

My point is, launching now will be committing suicide to Signmadex as a whole. The lack of “risk on” in the market is gone and won’t reverse for several months if not 1.5 years at least. I would strongly suggest to continue to build, monitor current events and markets, wait for some signs of market momentum and then evaluate and decide on a time to launch. If you launch now, no one is going to care, the hype will be non-existent, marketing will be wasted, the value of SDEX will slowly fade into the abyss and simply be forgotten.

We definitely need to weight out the pros and cons of each on a much deeper level. We’ve seen many projects come and go over the past 10 months. If I were to look at my portfolio right now, out of 15 projects I participated in, 1 or 2 are barely even thriving (1m daily vol or higher).

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Launching in the bear means the next bull will potentially take SDEX up with it. Provided it can survive through these times. If we were to launch I’d wait a bit longer as I dont believe the bottom is in just yet. Ensure many staking incentives in place for newcomers to benefts and we should be able to ride this wave.

Also stop giving out refunds, just because SDEX made wise choices and wasnt affected by the LUNA and UST fiasco doesnt mean SDEX becomes everyones money manager - hindsight bias is the worst and dont let it cripple the project. sdex didnt raise double digit millions like all the gamefi projects that will flop over the next year.


@peter you shared this proposal nearly three weeks ago. What progress has been made? Has there been any discussions among the team and advisors on next steps? Further, why is it that NO ONE from the team is actively engaged here in the discussion? Otherwise what is the point of these posts yet alone the platform for discussion? Very disappointed on the level of involvement from you as well as key players of Sigmadex.

This is the very problem many of the investors have with the team and Sigmadex. Lack of communication. Lack of verifiable progress of the project. Lack of valid updates that hold any true merit.

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