Fair Public Sale Event

Hello guys,

We are currently proposing and planning a fair and community driven public sale event. This involves giving the retail public a chance to obtain SDEX at the lowest possible pricing structure which was made available to earlier contributors. By giving the public this opportunity we are exploring this “fair launch model” which also uses game theory to a certain degree in order to obtain an accurate price discovery for post launch (this is the most important component of the sale).

How it works:

  • Exponential regression relative to price/liquidity
  • Lower the price, lower the liquidity
  • Distribution correlated to sigma curve


Figure on the left: Incomplete public sale
Figure on the right: Fully sold out public sale

Variables for us to consider as a community:

  • Total Sale Amount
  • High Price (y-max)
  • Total Amount of Tokens
  • Time to Live (How long until expiry)

Proposed variables are on the GitHub repo but are not final.

Choosing the proper initial variables should be decided systematically and is critical for a healthy launch. We propose using the community for feedback on determining the best parameters for the sale as being greedy and setting a high end value can cause 2 risks:

  • Risk of not selling out the allocation
  • Cause an immediate stunt in price appreciation post launch

Looking forward to everyone’s feedback.


Variables can be seperated into 2 groups:

  1. Controllables
  2. Uncontrollables

Controllable variables are many and can have both positive and negative impacts, some being:
Sale price offered - too high too low
Bonuses offered - % extra for buying early
Length of sale period
Vesting schedules, cliffs etc (if any)
Anti whale mechanisms

Demographics of audience
KYC (if any) considered to invasive
Monetary policy of Govt

Obviously, marketing plays an important role, that needs significant input and management as the public are fickle and projects can lose momentum very quickly. Sitting bacl and waiting for it to happen wont make it so.


100% agree with all points here. Everything needs to be accommodated with adequate marketing as well, I would like to know what are the plans for that to make more appropriate judgments.

But as far as controllable variables go, I would say with the new vault structure we are setup much better than before as far as price stability goes. Assigning the sale variables doesn’t require going down to seed pricing structure in my honest opinion but based on the curve very few will be able to get any substantial amounts.

Things I would like to know more info on:

  • sSDEX inflation (if any)
  • Anti-whale mechanics to prevent entire public round getting taken by 1 person
  • Vesting terms for public sale (how will this work with the vault system?)

If you guys really want to start the price at seed 0.0135 I’m cool with it, on the highest end I guess the lower it will be placed would be better? I would like to see some example scenarios from your end @peter

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The big questions around marketing new tokens such as Sigmadex are centred around the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How:

Who are Sigmadex? (Profile, vision)
Why should I buy Sigmadex? (Short term gains v long term profitability)
How to buy Sigmadex? (Process easy or complex)
When can buy Sigmadex? (Stages)
What price is Sigmadex to buy? (See above stages)
Where to buy Sigmadex? (On-site, launchpad, Dex or Cex)
What is the currency to buy Sigmadex? (USDT, ETH, BNB - which ultinately leads to fees/gas)
What are the min/max buy parameters? (Eg: min $250 or 0.1ETH, or 1BNB - to max $50k, 10ETH, or 100BNB)

These are just examples, particular examples from my own experiences.

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Agreed ! It would be nice to see a model of potential outcomes

Guys we are also open to scrapping this public sale method as well if it will take too long for implementation, auditing, etc.

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I would say lets go to market after claim drops are done. We can see where it takes us :smile:

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I actually like this concept. If it delays the launch on the other hand I would not be down for that.

@Peter when you guys provide a launch date would you incorporate this into it automatically or what?

Just further, I think the Sigmadex website has to be the forefront of the sale, with a few measures that will enthuse buyers. These can include:

  • Sale token price (stage price)
  • Sale countdown clock
  • Sales barometer > SC > HC
  • Maybe a reward for reaching each cap

Seen a fair few ‘sales’ and those who have some vested interest in the sale seem to do much better than those that don’t.


These are great ideas thank you for communicating them to us. We’ll definitely consider your point of view.

Given the parameters of our fair launch we have no intention of creating any bias or competitive edge to anyone that participates.

Very good points @DS16

Appreciate everyone’s feedback, we are absorbing the finer details and will revert with the most optimal strategy this week.

I think using mathematics is probably the least bias way to do a price discovery as long as it doesn’t start too high and allows for natural fluctuations


Definitely start low and let it find its price. @peter would be nice to get some details on what staking incentives will be available right away and upcoming post launch.


I agree @simon this is the only way to make it fair

How can i join the sale? Bullperks is nice partnership! Thanks team!